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Spiral update: September 2012

Summer break is over. Sigh! Macromouse has been shortlisted to participate in Filminute, the international…

As viral as it gets

64 million views on YouTube, with over 1.2 million likes and counting. In just 4…

Soul Kicking

Five years ago, I attended a midnight sneak preview of Soul Kicking during Thessaloniki Film…

The saga begins…

DAM VADER is a short fiction film project, which will be taking part in the…

Army of One: Katerina Kozadinou

ARMY OF ONE: Katerina Kozadinou from New Diaspora on Vimeo.


The first New Diaspora web documentary is now online!

Watch it on full HD for free, share it with your friends, and support our independence by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo!

Help us make the voice of expatriate Greeks heard! Join the New Diaspora web documentary movement!

It’s time to tell our own part of the story.


New Diaspora

And so it begins…

New Diaspora – the trailer from New Diaspora on Vimeo.

Please share our crowdfunding campaign and join us.

New Diaspora is an independent web documentary movement, focusing on the new generation of Greeks living abroad during the crisis in their homeland.

This is an expanding and ongoing project, aiming to build an online community where Greeks all over the world can share their own creative content and opinions. Documenting themselves on video, sending pictures, writing posts and proposing ideas that are relevant to the subject of our platform.

The main narrative drive is a documentary series directed by Nicolas Stamboulopoulos, who lives and works in Amsterdam since October 2009.


An open letter from the ones who left

For almost two years, I’ve been working on a personal project that will soon launch its crowdfunding campaign. It’s a crossmedia documentary platform called New Diaspora, and it concerns the stories of Greeks who have moved abroad recently. Who are we, what are we doing here, why did we leave, what’s our point of view on the current situation in Greece, how much have we adapted to our new lives. It’s an open letter with multiple senders and even more recipients.

The main narrative drive is a web documentary series directed by Nicolas Stamboulopoulos, who lives and works in Amsterdam since October 2009. The documentaries explore different aspects of the neo-migrational phenomenon, focusing on the personal stories of the ones who left.

At the same time, New Diaspora is an open community, where expatriate Greeks can share their own creative content and opinions, from wherever they are. Documenting themselves on video, sending photos, writing posts and proposing ideas that are relevant to the platform’s subject.

Beginning our journey from what unites us instead of what divides us, our aim is to intervene jointly and dynamically on the public debate concerning what’s happening in our homeland. Also, to redefine our collective identity and to offer an alternative perspective on the international image of Greeks.


Macromouse – a domestic prison drama


Adopting the narrative form of an abstract allegory, Macromouse is a one minute film of miniscule proportions. Simple story, basic camera gear and a two-inch protagonist appearing as himself (or herself – still not quite sure about that). Continue Reading


We ♥ Burlesque!

And now for something completely different!

live photo shoot by Mony Art

the ladies: Myscha, Yvonne, Ana, Mary, Fernanda, Natasa, Angie, Christina & Dina Continue Reading


I Cannot Vote


We are Greek citizens, we live abroad and we are entitled to vote in the parliamentary elections of our country. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to do so from our place of residence. Continue Reading


Occupy Amsterdam

OCCUPY AMSTERDAM: Dimitris Pavlopoulos from New Diaspora on Vimeo.

Only a few hours left till the New Diaspora crowdfunding campaign expires! Please share and contribute in order to support our independence, and help us tell the story of an entire migration wave as it happens.

I originally intended to post this video back in October of 2011, as a report of the Occupy movement’s impact on Dutch society. For a number of reasons I decided to wait until the moment would be ripe, and now I’m posting it as a historical record of what was the political climate back then.

This is not a complete documentary, since it lacks a proper storyline, interviews with the protagonists and counter arguments from the economists who advocate the austerity measures. However, it shows the hopefulness for the change that never came. Ironically enough, the economic recession in Greece has evolved into a full scale bankruptcy. Some of the figures mentioned in Dimitris’ speech sound almost harmless in comparison to what’s happening today.

Dimitris Pavlopoulos is an economist, working as an Assistant Professor in the sociology department of VU University Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

Cinematography & editing by Nicolas Stamboulopoulos


Een Nacht in Nostimo


A spontaneous Greek moment in a corner of Northern Europe.

When music unites an international company, lyrics obtain their own special meaning. And our company keeps growing…

Manos Kopanakis & Sofia Spinoula

Grieks Restaurant Nostimo

Song: Tyfles Elpides (Blind Hopes)
Music & lyrics: Petros Dourdoubakis

Shot with a Panasonic Lumix GH2 & a Panasonic 20mm 1.7 lens

Amsterdam, 26/10/12