Trailer for a documentary on Symbiosis Lesvos Arts Festival, 2016.


Some of the stuff I’ve filmed and edited from 2011 to 2015.

Flight 4 our Right

January 25th, 2015. Unable to vote from abroad, four young Greek expats return home for the most critical elections of recent history.

Green Film Making Competition

The Green Film Making Competition is a one year long competition, challenging upcoming filmmakers to produce a short film as sustainably as possible.


A domestic prison drama. One minute film. Sound design by Nikos Kandarakis

We Love Burlesque

Live photo shoot by Mony Art. The ladies: Myscha, Yvonne, Ana, Mary, Fernanda, Natasa, Angie, Christina & Dina.

Waterlooplein – When gyros met bougatsa

In the flea market of Waterlooplein, Dimitris organises a housewarming party for his brand new chicken gyros canteen. Right next to him, Vasilis has been serving bougatsa pastry and frappé coffee for the last five years.

I Cannot Vote

I Cannot Vote is a campaign aiming to raise awareness for the right of Greek citizens to vote from abroad in the parliamentary elections of their country.

Run Run Run

Tuur Moens & Syndicate Lyrics and vocal melody by Katerina Kozadinou Sound and sound recording by Cris van Vollenhoven