Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos

Born in 1970 in Athens. Having studied filmmaking at the University of Westminster, he returned to Greece and worked in TV commercials for a decade. In 2002 he decided to switch to documentaries, also teaching children and adolescents how to film their own stories. He moved to Amsterdam in 2009, working as a freelancer in promos and music videos. The Greek crisis drove him to create New Diaspora, a digital storytelling platform focusing on the new generation of Greeks living abroad. His mini documentaries have been broadcast in ARTE Future and screened at international festivals and conferences, where he has also been a speaker (Freie Universität Berlin and University of Oxford).

Returning to Athens in 2014, he continued working as an independent filmmaker, editor, teacher and dissemination strategy consultant. He is also a digital artist and creator of the science fiction project Hex Space.

Selected Filmography

2023: “The Drone” (script, direction) // short fiction film, co-produced by Neaniko Plano, ERT S.A. (Microfilm program) and the Greek Film Center

2013-18: “New Diaspora” (direction, camera, editing) // 11 mini documentaries, independent production

2012: “Macromouse” (direction, editing) // 1 minute experimental film, participation in international film festivals

2009: “Vassilis Vafeas” (direction, editing) // 52′ TV documentary for the series “Silent Landscapes”, ERT Digital

2009: “The Old Men and the Fish – Return to Molyvos” (research, direction, camera, editing) // 25′ TV documentary, ERT Digital

2008: “Young Actors Searching” (research, direction, camera, editing) // 52′ TV documentary for the series “Paraskinio” of ERT

2006: “Epitaph: The Life and Work of Koralia Theotoka” (research, direction, camera, editing) // 52′ TV documentary for the series “Paraskinio” of ERT

2003: “Discovering Olympia” (research, direction) // 52′ TV documentary for the series “Paraskinio” of ERT

1999: “Camouflage” (script, direction) // 19′ fiction short film, produced by the Greek Film Center