TV commercial show reel (AI generated demo)

This video is for demo purposes only. None of its shots has been used in a real TV commercial, since their overall quality is not fit for broadcast. It’s only a matter of months until it becomes feasible to generate shots that will be indistinguishable from professionally made live action footage (or top level CGI). Meaning that advertising costs will be reduced dramatically, with dire repercussions on the industry’s job market.

One Migrating World

From 2008 to 2015, almost half a million Greeks* migrated due to the economic crisis. It’s the 3rd bigger wave of mass migration from Greece, after the one in the beginning of the 20th century and the one that followed WW2.

*Bank of Greece research

Part of the Solution


Director/Editor/Sound Design: Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos
Script/concept: Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos, Yorgos Nounesis
Cinematography: Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos, Yorgos Nounesis
Art Direction: Part of the Solution
Sound: Christos Papadopoulos
Producer/Production: Part of the Solution
Production Assistants: Alexandros Aristopoulos, Nefeli Pantzou
Voice Over: Marilina Countouris
V.O. Sound Recording: Nikos Mpitsimeas
Graphic Elements: Yorgos Nounesis
Cast: Dia Lee
Special Thanks: Sergios Kotsovoulos, Nickos Myrtou, Takis Katsampanis, Little Tree bookshop